Coordinating assistance to families and individuals who seek emergency food and other basic necessities.


Care To Share is pleased to announce that Perla Ortega has been promoted to Operations Manager.

Perla began her career with Care To Share in January of 2010 through the Jobs Plus program. She initially worked on the phone intake desk providing help to individuals seeking food assistance.

Perla continues to serve our neighbors in need with her compassion and dedication. Care To Share feels fortunate to have Perla as a staff member and look forward to her continued service.

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Mission Statement

Care To Share's mission is to coordinate assistance to families and individuals seeking emergency food and other basic needs. Our goal is to help people through crisis situations and to connect them with other services if continued support is needed.

What We Do

Over the past thirty years, Care To Share has coordinated assistance to families and individuals seeking emergency food and basic needs, such as payment assistance when they have received a utility shut-off notice. We continue to help people through crisis situations and connect them with other critical community services as needed. We are here to help provide for our neighbors in their time of need.

Care To Share established a co-op with the local food pantries and the Oregon Food Bank (OFB) which allows for the purchase of personal items that are unavailable with SNAP cards. Care To Share coordinates and provide administrative services for this project. It is truly a success and a win-win for everyone.

Care To Share continues to work closely with the Oregon Department of Human Services and Portland Community College, as well as other entities, to provide training for those individuals attempting to enter the workforce. Once trained, these individuals have the professional tools and skills needed to obtain gainful employment. Those we have trained have moved onto to new positions with employers in the area.

For more information about what we do or how you can help Care To Share to continue our vital mission, please call 503-591-9079.

Your neighbors are counting on you!

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