Coordinating assistance to families and individuals who seek emergency food and other basic necessities.

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How you can help


Send contributions to:

Care To Share - PO Box 397 - Beaverton, OR 97075

Donations for Office Supplies

To keep operation expenses minimal, donations will be accepted for copy paper, pens, highlighters, file folders, correction tape, paper towels, toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

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There is nothing like Care To Share

Why is Care To Share so unique?

Not only do we meet the demands to support our families in need throughout the year, but we must increase our support during the winter months and holiday season. Care To Share is unique - we coordinate a network of Food Pantry Partners to streamline emergency food and utility assistance.

Why is this important?

Care To Share believes in personal dignity. It is not dignified to wait in line for basic needs like food, heat, and water. Care To Share coordinates with food Pantry Partners by setting appointments for emergency food. Families in need do not have to wait in line to be assisted and Pantry Partners will know how many families to expect so that they will be able to meet the need.

What does it cost?

Each food box received by families is approximately $100. In 2015, Care To Share assisted over 16,000 families with emergency food. An estimated value of donated food by our Pantry Partners is $1.6 millon. We desperately need your help so that we can continue to deliver this assistance.

Why support Care To Share?

Look around. Is your neighbor in need? They don't shout it from the roof top if they need help. They call us. They want to preserve their dignity and still feed their families. We do that at Care To Share!

Thank you for supporting Care To Share!